Arkansas Food Jobs offers training for newcomers to the foodservice and hospitality industry, as well as short-term training workshops and services for industry organizations and their staffs.


Organizational Training and Services

For restaurants, hotels, lodges, and other foodservice and hospitality organizations, we offer a series of short-term training programs and other services. Please click here to email us for more information, or see our schedule of training events here.

  • Front of House and Back of House training
  • Menu and kitchen consultation
  • HACCP plan development and implementation
  • Operations consultation


Food Jobs Work is a 7-week intensive job training program for newcomers to the industry in need of a life-changing opportunity, most commonly offered to the underemployed or recently incarcerated. This program is currently offered in conjunction with the Career Services center at Our House shelter in Little Rock as well as the Rock City Reentry program of the Little Rock Workforce Development Board. If you are interested in attending this program, please email us for more information.