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© Atee83 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Atee83 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Operating any business is tough, and doubly so in the culinary and hospitality field. Nationally, just three out of four restaurants make it past the first year, and just two out of five survive past five years.

So, what gives? In Arkansas’ growing hospitality market, there are ways to land more solidly on the side of success. It just so happens that ARFoodJobs has some Affiliate Partners and other friends who can help:

1. Attend and hire from Pulaski Technical College — Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute.

PTC-CAHMI’s two-year Culinary Arts degree doesn’t only include cooking; it also teaches the basics of operating a food-related business profitably. Graduates understand food costing, employee management, marketing, menu planning and more. Employers who are graduates, students, faculty/staff or board members also receive 50% off job listings here at ARFoodJobs.

If you can’t attend PTC-CAHMI yourself, hire people from there and benefit from their excellent culinary program, which is accredited with a coveted “Exemplary Status” by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.

2. Join the Arkansas Hospitality Association.

AHA offers training, support and advocacy for Arkansas’ hospitality-related businesses. Members can also participate in the Arkansas Restaurant Association, the local chapter of the powerful National Restaurant Association.

Through the AHA, you can:

  • Receive ServSafe sanitation training for you and your staff.
  • Invest in one of the most profitable Workers Compensation Insurance trust programs in the nation. In the last 20 years, it has returned an average of 27% of the premiums paid in.
  • Network and learn new skills at their excellent annual events, including the Arkansas Hospitality Convention and Trade Show held every September.
  • Get significant discounts on business services such as music licensing, credit card processing, and office supplies. (And 50% off job listings right here at ARFoodJobs!)

3. In Central Arkansas: Join the Central Arkansas Cooks Association.

This group is the local chapter of the powerhouse American Culinary Federation, giving members numerous opportunities for professional development and training. Members can pursue certifications such as Certified Culinarian or Certified Executive Chef, tested locally in partnership with the above-mentioned Pulaski Technical College.

Members can also participate in local, regional and national competitions and take advantage of discounts on conference registrations, merchandise and term life insurance.

We’d love to hear your stories. What has helped you stay profitable in business? How has one of our affiliates or friends above helped you?


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