We believe that food service is an important feature of hospitality we offer to campers and conference center guests.  We are looking for someone with creativity, enthusiasm, maturity and common sense to be both a leader and member of our food service team.  Currently we serve 27,000 meals annually.

We would like ‘scratch cooking’ to be utilized much more over ‘heat and eat’ as a method for preparing our meals.   The meals prepared should utilize fresh produce when available (we have our own garden) and be colorful and flavorful.  It is important to limit food waste.  We compost whatever we can and would like our food service operation to align with Ferncliff’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Specific Responsibilities:

Supervise and coordinate activities of cooks, food service staff and volunteers
Hire and train food service staff
Plan menus and order all food and related supplies
Receive, check and maintain inventory of supplies
Meet and coordinate scheduling with other staff
Schedule cooks and other food service workers
Manage food services within financial budgets and guidelines
Be responsible for compliance with all health and safety regulations
See that all food service equipment is maintained
Supervise the preparation and presentation of food
Stay up to date on food service best practices
Accommodate food allergies and special diets
Other duties as may be assigned and required

Additional details may be found at the Ferncliff website. ferncliff.org/jobs/ferncliff-food-service-manager/

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