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We specialize in culinary and hospitality. And we now offer pre-screened FastServe and FastCook employees, ready for a long-term tryout before you hire while we handle payroll and worker’s comp. (Availability may be limited based on region.) Executive recruiting and self-service job board listings also available.

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Salsa platter from The Cookery / former Caribe restaurant in Eureka Springs, photography by Grav Weldon

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An Amazing Site That I’ll Use Again is an amazing site. Instead of posting on all of the other job search sites, I was able to place my job offering on one site, run by professionals who understand the busy needs of the hospitality industry.

I placed my job offering online and within 1 week had multiple hits, one of which was a perfect fit for the position we had. I will definitely use again!

I’m Here to Tell You, This Works

Thanks so much for the resume! BUT, we have filled the position with a gentleman that found the ad on

He said it was the first food job site he saw and BAM here he is.

I’m here to tell you that the site works and people are starting to really catch on. Great job!!!

An Advocate for Local Businesses

In the process of opening a new local restaurant, arfoodjobs has provided us with the most viable local applicants.

Unlike some of the larger employment websites, arfoodjobs seems like an advocate for local businesses and local job seekers.